About Stratham, NH

Stratham is a quiet community. It was once a community with a lot of farms. Most of those farms have been redeveloped into neighborhoods with newer housing. Like Greenland there isn’t much in the way of a downtown area, but there is a commercial alley that runs along Route 33/108 between Portsmouth and Exeter. School age children can attend Stratham’s elementary and middle schools and then move on to the Cooperative School in Exeter for high school levels.

Stratham was settled in 1631 as part of the Squamscott Patent granted to Edward Hilton, under the leadership of Captain Thomas Wiggin, who was called Governor. The settlement was called Squamscott, and was also known by the Indian name of Winnicutt. Stratham was the sixth town to be incorporated in New Hampshire, and named for a friend of Governor Samuel Shute of Massachusetts, Wriothesley Russell, Baron Howland of Streatham.

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